Top Aupairs is a reputable au pair agency which is providing exceptional placement services in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and we are expanding to America and Europe.

At Top Aupairs we understand that your children are of utmost importance to you, our services therefore aim to provide you, the parent, with the complete peace of mind that in your absence your children are in the best possible hands.

We pride ourselves in finding and placing only the highest calibre au pair candidates and are confident in the skills and knowledge we have obtained over the years, ensuring that Top Aupair’s will find the perfect au pair for your family.

A personal service

Our service is a very personal one. We make our best effort to get to know you and your family’s specific needs.

Easy registration

We have a simple instant online registration process and immediate access to viewing candidates.

Access candidates

You will have access to viewing candidates even before you register with us. See if we have your type of people.

Lower Prices

The price of our placement service is lower than standard market-related fees

No upfront registration fees

Receiving CVs and meeting candidates is 100% free. We only charge if you employ one of our candidates.

Our Guarantee

We provide a 12 month guarantee on all placements lasting longer than a year, which includes one free au pair replacement.


As a parent, we understand that your child means everything to you. We know that you want only the best for your child, and if you could, you would spend a hundred percent of your time and effort investing into your child’s care and happiness. But life happens, mommies have to work too and sometimes they need a bit of ‘me-time’ just so they don’t go completely crazy! In our opinion, an au pair is so much more than a caretaker.

Children deserve to have their needs met on all different levels including emotional, cognitive and physical levels. They need to feel that they have someone they can trust to be there for them and take interest in their lives and the things that are important to them. Someone who can celebrate with them and be a shoulder to cry on when they’ve had a bad day at school.

From a parent’s perspective, we know that mommies and daddies also need that person they can rely on one hundred percent of the time. You need them to take their responsibilities seriously, yet being willing to run around on the lawn when that’s what your child needs. You want them to create opportunities to stimulate your child mentally.

So don’t just pick anyone. Let us assist you in finding the right person.


Our au pairs

Give your children the attention they deserve. Let us help you find a loving au pair.


Our work speaks for itself!

"Dear Chandelle,
I just wanted to thank you for all the care and patience you took with placing my Nanny/Aupair.
It wasn't an easy placement due to location and a few other factors but where other placement agencies just sent me candidates, regardless of the brief and gave me the run around, you took the time to find someone really suitable and were very flexible with this mommy that kept changing her mind. You were also always available at any time to discuss the placement even on weekends and as a busy mom, I really appreciated that!
Thank you for the personable service and I will highly recommend you and Top Au Pairs to my friends!"
- Kathryn

benefits of Having an Au Pair


Academic Support

Our Au Pairs will provide assistance and supervision with your child’s homework all in the comfort of your own home. They are in charge of purchasing necessities for, and assisting with, projects and assignments. Providing nurturance, care and companionship for the children.


Transport Assistance

Au Pairs are charged with dropping the children off at school, fetching the children from school, transporting the children to extra murals, therapists, doctor’s appointments etc. Arranging and supervising play dates, take children on outings, running errands for the family, grocery shopping on the family’s behalf and traveling with family (if the au pair is happy to do so).


Child Development

Au Pairs engage in intellectually stimulating play and activities with the children Babysitting and weekend work by prior arrangement and providing nurturance, care and companionship for the children. They assist with child development at all ages:


  • Enjoy the physical activity that comes from their new mobility in the environment.
  • Explore relationships between objects and how to control them.
  • Expand their understanding of object permanence–e.g., hide-and-seek activities
  • Start to see themselves as part of the community and develop skills to participate, especially language.
  • Work on using symbols and make-believe in play.


  • Develop friendships and skills for playing with other children.
  • Learn to use symbols in more complex ways and in two-dimensional form.
  • Expand their ability to attach language to actions and ideas.
  • Explore relationships between objects and how parts and wholes fit together (as in making constructions).
  • Experiment with how to make desired effects happen with objects and people.
  • Develop increasingly complex large and small motor skills.
  • Learn how to plan ahead.

School-Age Children (Up to Age Eight)

  • Learn group skills, including cooperation and conflict resolution.
  • Follow rules designed by others (as in board games and sports), as well as create their own rules to follow with peers.
  • Use new skills to organize objects, ideas, and skills in logical and interconnected ways (as in collections and magic tricks).
  • Incorporate a growing ability to symbolize using letters and numbers. Draw them into everyday activities and games (as in magic tricks).
  • Develop special interests, skills, and hobbies.

Family Support

Each family will have different expectations of an au pair. Below are common duties, although your personal requirements can be discussed with your au pair:

  • providing nurturance, care, stimulation and companionship for your children.
  • fetching your children from school.
  • transporting your children to extra murals, therapists, doctor’s appointments etc.
  • supervising and assisting with homework.
  • liaising with teachers, coaches and therapists on your behalf.
  • arranging and supervising play dates.
  • purchasing necessities for, and assisting with, projects and assignments.
  • running errands for you.
  • grocery shopping on your behalf.
  • engaging in intellectually stimulating play and activities with your children.
  • preparation of meals for your children.
  • babysitting and weekend work by prior arrangement.

Reliability & Stability

We at Top Aupairs place emphasis on finding the perfect fit for your family, and we know that it is not always possible to know that for sure until you have had some time to get to know the person you have hired. This is why we offer our families a 3-month probation period, beginning the day the candidate begins working for you. If, during this time, you feel that he/she is not quite the right fit, or they choose to resign, then we will replace them as quickly as possible at no additional cost to you. It is important to us to facilitate lasting, high quality placements, where all parties have an enriching experience. The person you hire will likely become an honorary member of your family that you trust completely with your children, and we know that these things can take time.


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